OKAY, THIS IS SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION.  But anyone who has worked for years to get where you are will understand just how thrilling it is to get SOMEWHERE and have people sit up and take notice!  Hooray!  I’m not crazy! (And yes, there were days that label seemed rather fitting.)  Hooray!  Team MMQ is a winner!

Kudos to artist and cover illustrator, David Condry, who has become my friend and fellow partner in humor.  And kudos to graphic designer Nathan Fisher who laid out MMQ so creatively and then went on to design this website, my FB page, and my business cards.

Team MMQ — we done good.  🙂

MARY MARY QUITE: On Raising Children (and other mind-altering substances) is gaining recognition!  To date, here is the proof —

  • Winner – First Place, 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award for Humor
  • Winner – First Place, 2015 International Book Awards for Humor
  • Winner  – Silver Medal in Humor – Reader’s Favorite Awards
  • Winner  – Illustration Award for Non-Fiction – Reader’s Favorite Awards
  • Winner  – Bronze Medal in Humor – 2015 eLit Book Awards
  • Finalist – 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Parenting/Family
  • Finalist – 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Best Overall Design, Non Fiction

Oh, and BTW, the hardcover version of MMQ makes a lover-ly coffee table book.  Order one from the website, and I’ll author-graph it for a very special Christmas present.  Smile!

We are.


  1. Jen

    I am really interested in your book, in part because I’ve known Dave and his wife for years, but also because I, too, am a proponent of humor. We can cry or we can laugh. Laughing is more fun and healthier. I hope you will keep writing. Bring on the accolades and do self-promote! I heard about your book from Dave and will help from my part of the US! Laugh on!

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