William, Will You Dance?

A romantic comedy, set in the lowlands of Scotland. (109 pages)

A shy Scots farmer asks God to teach him about ladies so he can meet a good woman and marry her, not knowing that this will propel him onto a wild, coming-of-age rollercoaster ride at the ripe old age of 38.

War of the Grandmas

A broad comedy, in the vein of Grumpy Old Men, but with women. (106 pages)

Two feuding grannies fight the only way they know how – over a man – until their granddaughters decide to teach them that a woman does not need a man to make her happy. (Or does she?)

Hubby Holidays!

A family-friendly Christmas story. Funny, clever, and fun. (102 pages)

Three wives blackmail their football-crazy hubbies into doing Christmas and doing it right – or the wives’ll take the kids to grandma’s for the holidays, without the men. Well, hubby holidays!


Sam Houston Colt 45 Jones

A politically-incorrect spoof of a western hero and his faithful Indian companion. (103 pages)

The Strange Loner (aka Sam) and Pronto are the poster boys of dysfunctional relationships – Pronto does all the dirty work, while Sam takes all the credit and the women – until his faithful Indian companion tries to scalp him.

Enter the thrilling days of yesteryear, right hee-yah!