I have said “No” a thousand times before. I remember, because I distinctly heard myself say “No” every time the subject came up. “No. I will never blog.”

And today, I find myself writing my very first blog.

Welcome to my upside-down, inside-out, Christmas-in-July world.

When I was nine I fell in love with the theater. I pursued an acting career for thirteen years, ‘till I became a professional actress and was gaining more acclaim each month. But when I held my firstborn child in my arms, all thoughts of the limelight faded from view as family suddenly took center stage. And I had a change of heart.

That was the first in a lifelong series of changes.

My parents were both teachers and as a kid, I grew tired of hearing their war stories. “I will never teach,” I vowed. One starter marriage and two kids later, suddenly my parents were very smart. I enrolled in education classes, then I taught high school for fifteen years. I loved it – surprise, surprise. (Well really, it was just another form of theater.)

But that’s not the end of my story. I left teaching early so I could write fulltime. Because, as I liked to tell my fellow teacher friends, I just knew that there was life after high school. And that particular life had been calling to me for several years, wooing me to sail away in search of new lands to explore.

A series of small successes, followed by a series of big changes. That’s what my life has been. Not exactly the great American success story. But it works for me. Besides, I’m not done yet.

And so I give you, dear reader, permission to change direction, too – if you need to. Your friends and relatives may not understand. So just tell them that while you might appear to be a rudderless ship, in fact you have all your sails unfurled and the winds of change have determined your direction for a season.

Sometimes, it’s okay to throw caution to the wind.

Besides, you are not alone. We have each other now. So, welcome to my world.


    • This is like throwing a pebble into the center of a clear pool of water, then watching the ripples rise up and travel outward, till they eventually connect with the shore. Thanks for the ripple effect, Sue. 🙂 mh

  1. Mike M

    Actress, teacher, wife, mother, artist. If that isn’t a success story we seriously need to change the definition of success. 🙂

    • Awww. Thanks a bunch, Patricia. You know the way to a writer’s heart! I’ll try to keep ’em comin’, and keep ’em all enjoyable – just for you! 🙂 mh

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