David J. Condry

A husband, father, and illustrator, Denver artist David J. Condry has loved drawing and all things creative since early youth. Starting when he could first hold a pencil, David has always enjoyed drawing people, and as an adult expanded his interests to include creating background details. Nevertheless, human beings are still his favorite subjects.

His flair for creativity blossomed during his art-making adventures at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Before then, David despised watercolors, and using color in general intimidated him. But in art school, he discovered that watercolor was a perfect match for his drawing style, and that it would help bring his characters to life. Since then, he has illustrated two books and numerous personal projects.

If he’s not catching up on long-lost sleep, then David is probably hanging out with his wife and daughter, teaching art to Denver middle-schoolers, working on a paper for graduate school, drawing a picture, taking a photo, writing a poem, or enjoying a dirty chai (that is, chai tea plus one shot of espresso — you are hereby encouraged to buy him one). Go to dcondry.blogspot.com to check out his recent artistic exploits.