A former AP English teacher and freelance writer, Mary earned her MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA in 2004. Since then, she’s won enough screenwriting awards to wallpaper two bathrooms and replace all the photos on her mantle piece. She also spent three years working in development for a small production company with projects at Disney, Sony, Lifetime, and Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, Mary and her hubby, old Hunk, raised five kids, assorted grandkids, three dogs, two cats, various reptiles, rodents galore, a boatload of fish, brain coral, and a Mexican tarantula named Mad Max. It was a little crazy. But their drug of choice has always been laughter.

Taking the age-old advice, “Write what you know,” Mary finally turned her talents to penning her first book: MARY MARY QUITE: On Raising Children (And Other Mind-Altering Substances). Mary met Denver artist David Condry back in 2011, took a look at his website, and the rest – as they say – is history.

From 2011 ‘till 2014, whenever David was on hiatus from grad school, he and Mary collaborated on over 22 illustrations, copious variations on the cover art, and several versions of the Mary Mary Quite logo – he doing all the work, and she doing all the supervising. (Yes, they make a great team.)

Mary visits Colorado often, to enjoy two of her kids and their families. But she actually lives in southern California, to be close to the rest of her family, to be close to the film industry, and to keep her favorite chair polished at a secret Hollywood coffee bar.