• Winner, Beverly Hills Book Award for Humor
• Winner, International Book Award for Humor
• Silver Medal in Humor, Reader’s Favorite Awards
• Illustration Award for Non-Fiction,
   Reader’s Favorite Awards
• Bronze Medal in Humor, eLit Book Awards
• Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards
   for Parenting/Family
• Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Award
   for Best Overall Design, Non Fiction

MMQ and old Hunk raised five kids, assorted grandkids, two cats, three dogs, rodents galore, all kinds of reptiles, a boatload of fish, brain coral, and a Mexican tarantula named Mad Max. It was crazy. But their drug of choice has always been laughter.

“Mary Huckstep has written one of the cleverest and most insightful books on parenting and embellishes this tome with terrific illustrations by David Condry. It’s full of uproarious, at times embarrassing, but always entertaining insights into parenting and child raising. Told in her inimitable style, Mary Huckstep has a hit!” GRADY HARP, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer 

“If you like Erma Bombeck, then Mary Huckstep will be right up your alley. Besides Mary’s deft humor, what also keeps you turning the pages are the larger-than-life illustrations by David Condry. This book looks at the crazy life of parenting through the lens of humor – and laughing about it makes everything a little easier.” TERRY L. ROLLINS, Amazon Reviewer and Author of Married to the Military 

”This inspirational book is beyond cute and packed full of tales which accurately, yet comically, describe real-life situations. As a mom, wife and grandmother, I found myself relating to every chapter. MMQ is full of humor — and wisdom that comes only from life experience. Can’t wait to read what Mary writes next!” CHERYL E. RODRIGUEZ, Reviewer for Reader’s Favorite 

“The writing of MARY MARY QUITE is not contrary to your having a good time. (I just had to say that.) Mary’s wit reminded me of Erma Bombeck – because these stories are funny only when you survive to write about them.” CHARLES ASHBACHER, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer


MARY MARY QUITE: On Grandma Gold (And Other Anti-Aging Substances)
Hitting a bookstore or an electronic reader near you, in 2015! (Okay, maybe 2016. But 2017, for certain!)

MARY MARY QUITE: On Life in the 21st Century (And Other Anti-Social Behaviors)
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